Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Difference between Dabka and Salma or nakkashi

Dabka is a very fine thread of metal that is coiled tightly, so it's hollow inside. It's then cut into the appropriate sized and stitched on the fabric by passing a needle through the middle. Skilled kaarigar's can even do french knots with the smallest size (diameter) of dabka.

Naqshi is a flat metal strip which is coiled in an angular way. It's not nearly as robust or firm as dabka. It does give a different effect though in terms of texture so sometimes they will use a mix of the two (Salma work). But work with mostly naqshi is definitely done because of a cost/skill factor involved.

In the picture I quoted, the long copper bits near the diamante in the middle of the flowers are dabka. All the pale gold stuff is naqshi.

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