Thursday, March 4, 2010

Complete Computer Aided Textile Design (Catd) System

Complete Computer Aided Textile Design (Catd) System
In order to remain competitive both in the global and domestic markets. The Indian textile industry must explore ways and means to upgrade overall productivity and quality as well as to develop a quick response strategy to meet the demands of fast changing markets. The Indian textile industry is broadly divided into the high-tech organised mill sector and the low-tech decentralised powerloom and handloom sectors. In India, few modern mills in organised sectors have started modernising their various departments to remain competitive. However, decentralised powerloom and handloom sector, which is the largest sector of the Indian textile Industry, growth rate and movement of modernisation is very slow.Designing textile samples in the traditional way is very time comsuming, tedious and costly affair. Consequently designers find difficult in keeping pace with the "quick response" trends of the market.

These are the driving forces behind the use of Computer Aided Textile Design (CATD) system in textile Industry. Invention of high resolution color graphics computer has opened its use in textile design all over the world and has helped in reducing the time required from design conception to sample production. Computer Aided Dobby and Jacquard design package and retrofit kit for automation of Jacquard Piano Card Punching Machine has been developed. Print design package has been added to it and now the complete CATD package is being offered CATD software provides a tool to designer to increase his creativity, productivity and efficiency to experiment with fresh ideas.
General Features :
  • Windows 95/NT based user friendly software
  • Menu driven with on line help by using mouse, digitiser and/or keyboard
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Data can be stored on storage media like floppy disk or hard disk
  • Hardcopy of designs on high resolution Dot Matrix, Laser or Colour inkjet printer
  • Plotter support for large design
  • 3D Texture mapping
  • Production information in digital form for CAM support
The features  in CATDVare reasonably comparable with the imported packages in terms of capabilities and price. Modern mills in organised sector have setup their own complete Design Studio with high end CATD systems. Many in the powerloom Industry have started using CATD system for woven and print designs.

Even individual designers have found the system quite useful and they have started using with low end configuration
Application in Textile Industry
Speed and ease of designing a pattern One can keep a large library of predefined patterns. As already stored patterns are used repetitively, a lot of time and labour is saved Variety can be in the form of same design with different colours or altogether different kind of designs

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