Friday, December 18, 2009

Digital Printing

Due to the complexity of the printing with several so called dyes the printer are inclining to the pigment printing. Now a day, the percentage of using the pigment printing are increasing day by day because of the abundance of organic pigments and the binders that are used during printing textiles. There is always having a risk with using general dyestuffs as printing in case of the finishing treatment like fixing steam and washing that must have to be implemented. Dyes are selected for printing by following the ability of the dyes that they are reproducible or not in case of different variations or the fabric and color condition. Researchers found from a survey that, the Azoic dyes is used in textile printing industry about 3%, disperse dyes are used about 10%, Vat dyes are used about 9%, Reactive Dyes are used about 25%. And the extent of the using of pigments in printing is about 50%. Pigment printing has wide range of uses. The garments of the women which are made by cotton, polyester or viscose blends are printed by pigments if the medium color depths are needed. Decorative curtain, towels are printed by pigments. Pigment printing also used in bed linen, aprons, children’s garments, night wear dresses, various cottons and cellulose materials.

Some advantages of pigment printing:
1. The great advantages of pigment printing are, if any mistakes are found during printing process, it can be easily detected.
2. The process of pigment printing is very fast and economical as sampling can be done quickly and don’t need the washing.
3. If the pigment print paste are created by proper process by selecting materials than it will have exclusive light fastness and other basic fastness properties also.
4. Pigment print is very reliable and needs less labors and equipments.

Some disadvantages of pigment printing:
1. Handling properties of the pigment printing is rough because of having excessive cross linking agents.
2. Creates problem on the roller printing because of the bulky products and more engraved rollers.
3. It is not possible to apply it directly on the fabric. Binder must be used to apply the pigment dye on the fabric. Thus, a coat is created on the surface of the fabric.
4. During second time printing it has very low effect that is not desirable.

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